How to Distinguish the Merits of Flocked Velvet

The Flocked velvet has a wide range of applications due to its bright colors, soft touch and resistance to friction.

Usually, we can distinguish the flcoked velvet from the follwoing points:

1, Poor fluff density 

Generally, it can be seen visually, some of the color paste fabric may be seen difficultly, at this situation, it will reply on the hand feeling. the good density appearance feels very plump and thick, poor density feels that the fluff is easy to fall.

2, Fluff height is not enough

This is relative to customer requirements. The customer requires fluff height of 1.0 MM, while some factories often have 0.8 mm fluff height to replace it. Inexperienced people are often unable to tell, while you can use a magnifying glass to see this.

3, The most important thing is the fastness of the fluff

This discrimination is also relatively simple. You can use your nails to scrape the fabric, the fluff will be scraped at once if the fastness is not god enough. You also can consider to use the coins or something hard. 

4, Others factors

The formaldehyde content, wet grinding, dry cleaning, sun exposure, etc., these can not felt by the eyes and hand feeling, while we need a professional institution to test it.

WSG provides the high-end flocked velvet packaging materials for luxury goods, jewelry and watch brands. It is mainly used in jewelry box linings and pouches. 

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